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Working with non monogamous clients

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Who is it for: Trainee or qualified counsellors to understand more about non-monogamy. This is not to be specialised or accredited in working 1:1 with non-monogamous clients, but is intended to give knowledge and understanding for if this topic comes up in sessions, to improve confidence in holding the client empathetically, and offering ways of working in sessions. Topics covered: Types of relationships that fall under the non-monogamy (multiamory) umbrella Challenging assumptions, stigmas, and myths Common themes that might come up for clients Intersectionality Ways of working with clients. What's involved: The learning is completely self-paced and online. The content is predominantly text based. Each section has steps to complete in the form of reading and reflection questions, a quiz which requires 75% pass rate for the online certificate, and finally section feedback questionnaires. This course has been reviewed and proofread by peers, as I am aware that I will have my own unconscious biases and blind spots, but also my own personal & professional experiences only go so far. There is also a group attached to this course, which allows for peer support and conversation. This group is not to talk about client work in specifics, but it is there to help you further your knowledge, resources, & connect with each other. Articles, journals, books, and videos from external providers are cited where possible, though full access to some journals may need permissions through the external providers. These are added bits of material for your own further reading & development. This course is not CPD accredited, i.e., you will not get official CPD credits, but it can still be used for 4 hours of informal CPD logging for most Professional Membership Bodies. The "badge" for starting and completing the course is an online profile badge. All membership data is stored on Wix. Check their privacy policy for details -

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