A Therapist with Chronic Illness

I haven't done an explicitly personal blog post before, though of course there are parts of me intertwined within my posts.

Why disclose this?

There's a gap of understanding around this, of people speaking out and sharing their stories even though there are so many therapists out there with a (or many) chronic illness(es).

Searching for other therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists etc. who may be in a similar position to me only brought up one result from a therapist's experience - why is this? We are all human after all!

I've discussed my chronic illness a lot in my own supervision in regards to how I work with it, whether it needs to be factored into my work, and just my general feelings around working as a therapist with a chronic illness. I've also discussed my chronic illness in my own therapy sessions as it is something I am still trying to get support for and factor managing in my illness into my life. So why not discuss it in a blog post where it may speak to someone else and start a conversation?

My health journey

For as long as I can remember I've been back and forth to the GP for one reason or another, it feels like my chronic illness has been hiding in plain sight for years, however I've only recently been diagnosed after much frustration, advocating, fighting, and pushing for answers.

My main chronic illnesses are Fibromyalgia and Prolonged Complex Migraines which gives me a 'fun' cocktail of symptoms to manage on a daily basis where some days are very much worse than others, and some are a lot easier to manage.